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Are you ready for patio season?

As spring arrives in the Twin Cities, outdoor dining becomes popular. Kare11 features the Loop West End in a segment discussing the common question: "Is your patio open?" Our technicians quickly prepared the Loop's patio planters for filming, resulting in a vibrant display. If you're considering refreshing your patio, contact us to get started.
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Written by
Tim O'Neil
Published on
August 16, 2023

Spring is finally settling into the Twin Cities, and when the sun shines, Minnesotans are flocking to bars and restaurants with patios for outdoor dining and socializing.

Kare11 recently did a segment on the most popular question local bars and restaurants are receiving right now: Is your patio open?

Our client, the Loop West End, is featured halfway in.

When our exterior plant technicians heard Kare11’s film crew was coming by The Loop the same day as patio planter installation, they filled the planters, arranged the plants, cleaned up, and watered the flowers in one hour flat. Everything was camera-ready when the crews arrived, and the result looks fantastic.

Check out the vibrant pansies that frame their patio in the video above and in person!

If you’re looking to refresh your patio for the warmer months ahead, give us a call to get started.


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