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Can biophilic design improve mood? Recent research suggests yes.

Recent research at the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics suggests that bringing nature indoors can boost mood. Rooms with live plants and nature-inspired decor were found to promote a more positive mood compared to sterile environments. This research will influence future studies, including its impact on mental health facilities. Dr. Anjan Chatterjee is exploring a "biophilic refresh room" for individuals with addiction and staff. Contact us to enhance your commercial space with live plants and biophilic design.
Can biophilic design improve mood? Recent research suggests yes blop post image
Written by
Tim O'Neil
Published on
August 16, 2023

When you can’t go forest bathing, bringing elements of the forest inside can still have a positive impact on mood, recent research suggests.

A study at the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics into the impact of biophilic design (which emphasizes connection with the natural world) found a positive impact on mood. Participants were assigned to complete a set of laptop-based tasks in either a room with live potted plants and nature-inspired decor or a more sterile control room.

According to Penn Today, the participants assigned to the biophilic design room demonstrated a more positive mood than the control group.

The initial findings will shape future research into biophilic design at Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics. That includes a study on the impact of biophilic design in mental health facilities, with a particular emphasis on how biophilic rooms can affect people who are anxious or in stressful environments. According to the article in Penn Today:

“To that end, [Dr. Anjan] Chatterjee is working with a mental health facility to create a study around what he’s calling a biophilic refresh room. It’s intended for people who suffer from addiction, as well as for facility staff.”

Read more about the study’s design and findings here.

If you have an office, clinic, or other commercial setting and would like to add live plants and biophilic design to your space, contact us.


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