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Tis The Season to… Book Holiday Decor Installations

Plants by Design is gearing up for the holidays! The deadline to book holiday decor installations is September 30. CEO Tim O’Neil shares insights into holiday decor packages, including customization options. Trendy themes include all-white and nature-inspired designs. Contact Plants by Design at 1-651-643-0663 to book your holiday decor installation.
Tis The Season to… Book Holiday Decor Installations blog post image
Written by
Tim O'Neil
Published on
August 16, 2023

It’s back to school season, but at Plants by Design, we’re already thinking about the holidays. And if you manage an office or commercial space, it’s time for you to join us in thoughts of the wintry wonderland to come.  

The deadline to book holiday decor installations is September 30.

As we look toward that deadline, we asked Plants by Design CEO Tim O’Neil a few questions about what to think in terms of holiday decor and found out which holiday installation from seasons past is his favorite. (Spoiler: It’s not the biggest installation he’s ever done, but one that truly embodied the spirit of the season.)

Read on to find out more!

Q: What does a holiday decor package typically include?

A: A typical package includes a mix of the following:

  • Ornamental set pieces for entries, atriums, and halls
  • Christmas trees, classic or modern
  • Festive wreaths and poinsettias
  • Garlands
  • Lighting

Q: What is an ornamental set piece?

A: There is a lot of creativity and customization involved. Classic examples include wicker deer, a sleigh, a collection of wrapped presents. In one installation we included a sleigh filled with presents and polar bears in a wintry landscape.

Q: How do you work with clients to create something unique for their space?

A: We listen to what our client wants and find creative ways to deliver it. Throughout the process, we ask questions designed to establish their preferences—such as whether they envision their space as more classic, modern, or whimsical—and suggest placement, size, and decor themes.

Q: What considerations should offices think through when booking a holiday decor installation?

A: Design intention, timing, existing interior decor, and budget.

Design Intention: When a client starts to think through planning for a holidayscape, they should begin with an overall goal. Is there a particular mood they want to evoke (such as warm and cozy or a festive celebration)? Is there a color palette they want to use (silver and gold versus red, green, and white)? Do they want to evoke the aesthetic of a rustic cabin up north or modern holiday elegance? If you have a Pinterest board with holiday office inspiration, bring it to the meeting!

Timing: We always ask if the client has any important dates that determine when the decor must be installed or removed, including office closings and re-openings. Clients also often have important festivities scheduled, such as office parties, public holiday celebrations, grand openings, seasonal launches, and so on. We can plan a holiday decor installation to be part of the fabric and atmosphere of those events.

Existing Interior Decor: We develop our design in consideration of what’s already in the space, both in terms of where design elements can be set up and how the holiday decor will harmonize with the current design aesthetic.

Budget: In an ideal world, there is no budget and we design purely for the aesthetic and atmospheric impact. The second-best (real-world) scenario is a client who knows their budget before we put together a design proposal. We get a lot of questions about what a holiday decor installation will cost, and because it’s so custom, the answer really varies. If the client knows what they can put toward the project, we can propose a design that will have the most impact, within budget, on the first proposal.

Q: What live plants can be included in holiday installations?

A: Norfolk Pine and poinsettias.

Q: When is holiday decor installed?

A: It depends on the client needs and Plants By Design staffing and material availability. Generally, we like to start the week of Thanksgiving and are usually finished installing holiday set pieces by the end of week after Thanksgiving. We typically take holiday decor down around the New Year, but we work to accommodate each client’s specific needs.

Q: What has been your favorite holiday decor installation?

A: In 2021, a client asked us to put up decorations two weeks earlier than what we had done for them in the past several years. The display was not a huge installation, but what moved me was the fact that the person responsible for the space wanted to bring cheer to the office (during COVID) and that enhancing the environment with holiday decorations was how they accomplished their goal.

Q: What are the current trends in holiday decor?

A: All-white and nature-inspired themes; twists on the classic holiday colors; mixed metals and all-bling themes (champagne, bronze, silver, rose gold).

Q: Do you have any tips or lessons learned to share for the holiday decor season?

A: Think ahead. The holiday season can be incredibly busy and hectic for everyone. There are parties to plan, letters to send, company business to close out at the end of the year—the list goes on.

Let us help you out by taking one of those tasks off your plate. We can design a holiday set piece that will wow your guests, customers, and employees—and let you enjoy the season.

To book a holiday decor installation, send us a message here or call us at 1-651-643-0663.


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